Influencer Marketing

We connect you with a powerful influencer network to promote your content and products.

When you partner with FLO Communications, you’re partnering with an extensive list of influencers and thought leaders who we can leverage to promote your business or campaign.

Our influencer programs work in a variety of ways:

  • Pay-Per-Post: We will coordinate a robust campaign of micro and macro influencers to promote your product. They will be paid per post.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We will harness the power of our influencer network to promote your product while giving them a commission on each sale they generate from their promotion.

Influencers have a built in audience that trusts their recommendations. This gives your advertising an extra boost because they *trust* the recommendation of the person they follow. This marketing strategy can bring a huge boost to your brand or product.

FLO Communications has worked with influencers to promote books, political campaigns, and merchandise. These contracts can be facilitated in the short term or the long term depending on your businesses needs. It can provide an extra boost or become a regular part of your business.